Mike Rosing <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > So when the rest of the world retaliates with all their military power that
> > the US fails to appreciate, what strategic war plan does the  rest of the
> > world have for handling a couple thousand nukes?  Just trying to figure
> > their options?
> Russia, China and, France all have nukes and delivery capability.  If
> the US wants to retaliate with nukes, they'll get nuked in return.  MAD
> works.

And then the whole world dies, because of ...  what?

Seriously, I *highly* doubt that any nation at this time would *seriously*
think of bombing another nuclear-enabled nation with a nuclear weapon.  It's
just suicide.

'a couple thousand nukes' later, there's not much left of this planet.  That
which hasn't been blowed [sic] up is exposed to enough radiation to kill, or
to cause some serious mutations.

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