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> Be fair about this.  We own the skies above Baghdad,
> bit too much, but it's not like we're targeting
> civilian areas.  If we 
> were, the images from Baghdad would be very
> different; not just one market 
> with a bomb crater, and one hospital flooded with
> injured and dead people, 
> but every building reduced to smoldering ruins, and
> dead people so thick on 
> the ground you couldn't walk across it.

Except for 'smart bombs' which has an accuracy 95% and
the only bombings shown on TV-what about the rest.Even
the patriot missles has a success hit rate of 1 out of
3.Is true that iraqi's are putting anti air craft and
other light arms over civilian buildings-that should
be the reason they got hit. 
How ever I wonder if the report of an Apache
helicopter being shot down by a farmer with his
rifle-the chopper was certainly downed but I find it
hard to beleive that a bullet brought it down. 

The images shown at the begining of the war showing
iraqi soldiers surrending and walking up with their
hands behind their head might have cost US dear again.
Iraqi tv then showed a iraqi general with a large
rifle in his hand saying to iraqi tv-what do you think
when I have this (rifle) in my  hand,i wont die
without killing two of them.
After the war started  around 30000 civilians have
joined the war as small unorganised groups.

If the war drags to mid april the US troops wont stand
the intense heat,i mean its going to hard for them.

> I think the usual inducement to treating POWs you
> hold properly is that you 
> want your soldiers who've been taken prisoner to be
> treated 
> properly.  (There's also world opinion, which we
> care about a lot more than 
> Iraq does.) 

I wont beleive that any more-the US doesn't listen any
more to the world,its gone blind and deaf.

Suspected al-queda/taliban prisoners were put in 6*8
meter cages in the open sun and badly beaten up-I
remember seeing that on tv.They weren't given pow
status either.May be they didn't look like humans :)

  I'm not sure how important the Iraqi
> government considers our 
> treatment of their captured soldiers, though, and
> we're not going to shoot 
> them all even if the Iraqis do that to our captured
> soldiers.

hopefully they are treated well as its no fault of
theirs that they are dragged into this war with iraq.

Regards Sarath.
> --John Kelsey, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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