Also we could use the java c compiler to build machine code for win32 in 
future. No license problem if the compiler is part of our build toolset.

Am 3. Oktober 2017 23:18:12 MESZ schrieb Marcus <>:
>Am 03.10.2017 um 22:26 schrieb Kay Schenk:
>> On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 8:02 AM, Fernando Cassia <>
>>> On 10/3/17, Damjan Jovanovic <> wrote:
>>>> Now what:
>>>> 1. Ship our own builds of OpenJDK, in matching bitness. Do the
>>>> (GPL for JVM, GPL-with-classpath-exception for class library) allow
>>> to?
>>>> 2. Drop Windows as a platform, since it's the only affected
>>> (*nix
>>>> users usually install distro OpenJDK packages so 32 bit OpenJDK
>will be
>>>> available for 32 bit AOO). We have no Win64 AOO.
>>>> 3. Drop 32 bit versions of AOO and add Win64 support.
>>>> 4. Or drop Java entirely and port our Java code to eg. .NET core,
>>> is
>>>> liberally licensed and private copies of it can be shipped?
>>>> Damjan
>>> Tempest in a teapot. You do know that Oracle isn't the only provider
>>> of Java or OpenJDK, right?
>>> Options
>>> 1. You can buiild your own 32-bit x86 binary based on OpenJDK
>>> 2. make AOO compile OK on 64 bit thus making AOO a 64-bit Windows
>>> able to use any 64-bit JRE (Oracle JRE, IBM JRE, Azul's Zulu JRE)
>>> 3. Have you asked Azul Systems if they can provide a 32-bit build?
>>> 4. Compile the Java code in AOO as native with Java 9's AOT
>>> Just my $0.02
>>> FC
>> ​As a bystander, I'm wondering just how alarming this news is to
>> OpenOffice.
>IMHO not at all. Java 9 was published just 2 weeks ago. So, it will
>some time until it's the favorite one. Until then 8 is developer's
>> The builds are using Java 6 or 7, right?​
>With the next larger release (probably 4.2.0) we will use Java 8 which 
>should last a longer time. Time enough to decide what to do with the 
>dependency of Java 32-bit.
>>   I'm still on 32-bit Linux for now but my default OpenJDK is 1.8. I
>can run
>> AOO fine with it but must use 1.7 for building.
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