Yeah ... 

not sure this is not too much ... we should in general have this checked if 
such a page would be in line with the ASF bylaws.


´╗┐Am 27.01.20, 08:21 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" <>:

    I think we should list the companies with a short outline like, e.g. 
postgres does it here:
    For codecentric one could write (I see no problem):
    PLC4X was initially started as an internal project at codecentric and open 
soure to the ASF. Christofer Dutz, the initiatior of PLC4X helps in his daytime 
job clients with the implementation of Drivers and blab la blab la
    And for us we could / would write something similar:
    The beautiful, wise, intelligent and charismatic Julian and his 
    I think you get the point? : )
    Am 27.01.20, 08:17 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <>:
        Hi Julian,
        I think having links to commercial support offerings is a pretty 
important thing for us to have.
        If we have to allow anyone be listed there (even if they don't 
contribute to the project) well that will be "the toad we have to swallow" 
(Don't know how to translate this German saying to English).
        Right now I see the industries worries of not being able to get 
commercial support as being one of the most problematic things ... that was why 
I put the "commercial support" thing on our landing page.
        Would it be possible to mark companies who employ committers of the 
project (but not which ones) with a "*" and an explanation?
        Am 27.01.20, 08:10 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" 
            @Christofer Dutz you can also a general discuss about whether or 
not we should do that.
            I am mostly concerned with clear rules, if we do it.
            But, in the end, its not granted, lets discuss it and if we cant 
get an agreement decide it.
            Am 27.01.20, 06:55 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" 
                Hi Justin,
                So in general it would be OK to have a list of links to 
companies plc4x support pages?
                I don't care about seeing the ties between persons and 
                Just not happy to have any company listed.
                Von: Justin Mclean <>
                Gesendet: Montag, 27. Januar 2020 01:45
                An: <>
                Betreff: Re: [DISCUSS] Guideline for "professional support" 
Mentioning on Homepage
                > as Lukas just opened up a discussion about mentioning 
commercial support on the (new) PLC4X Homepage.
                > One Example where this is done is Apache Druid 
( see Getting Help).
                I dislike the Druid example as it shows who the committers are 
working for, that should not matter. Individuals contribute to Apache projects 
not companies. Having links to those companies (next to the committer name) 
when they may or may not be ASF sponsors is even worse.
                Re commercial supped listing them is OK as long as all that ask 
are listed and it not being seen as promoting or suggesting one over another. 
It must be vendor neutral.

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