Thank you for Justin.
I opened discussion on the @private.


If there are no PPMC objections, is it the next step to let our mentor add


2018년 11월 6일 (화) 오전 5:39, Justin Mclean <jmcl...@apache.org>님이 작성:

> Hi,
> Here is the original discussion [1] on the private list (over 2 years
> ago!). I'm surprised these people have kept on with the project. While not
> as formal as what some projects do (having a formal VOTE thread), it's up
> to each PPMC to decide (and hopefully document) on how to appoint
> committers and it looks like the consensus was to add the people discussed.
> I suggest you have a discussion on the @private list and if there's no PPMC
> objections (seem unlikely) just go ahead and add them as committers perhaps
> with an apology for taking so long.
> Thanks,
> Justin
> 1.
> https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/1160237c8961daa72f45fd87b2b3c3b3185ba8bbb2c05f7982ea0d02@%3Cprivate.s2graph.apache.org%3E

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