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idk if it has changed in the last year, but mine was done on MS Word
as well. They provide a template then you follow it and give them
the .doc. The editors then give back the .doc with comments attached.

s/Word/LibreOffice/, I do not have Windows, let alone Word.

The core problem with the workflow, is that it assumes the author is
only there to provide content and has no say in any other aspect of
the book. As someone more used to providing press PDF this is
irritating. However I could get over it, if the workflow involved a
source I can put into version control. Obviously XeLaTeX is the
correct medium, but AsciiDoc is acceptable as a second best.

Many publishers may allow you to provide camera-ready copies.

suggestion of DocBook/XML as authored source is generally met with
derision, especially given there is AsciiDoc.

You'd be surprised to hear the tooling at the Pragmatic Programmer is all XML based and quite inflexible. Our negotiations broke down over that, in spite of their really beefy financial offering.

I have to admit, doing a Go or D book, is kind of appealing.
Technically I am supposed to be doing "Python for Rookies, 2e" but it
isn't happening for reasons I would rather not let the NSA know about.

Go? Urgh. As they say: Come for the concurrency, leave for everything else :o).


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