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> Many publishers may allow you to provide camera-ready copies.

Sadly not. The big publishers (well the three I have had dealing with 
in the last 5 years) feel they have this need to keep all their design 
and typesetting staff employed and so enforce the "authors write with 
Word and then we do all the page design, typesetting, etc., etc., 
author do not need to worry themselves over the presentation of their 
content, we do that". The words arrogant and condescending spring to 

Also the one sub-editor in the UK who was prepared to work with LaTeX 
source retired. All the others will only work with Word. Which of 
course ruins the workflow with anyone using LibreOffice. Which I don't 
except for presentation slides.

> > Any
> > suggestion of DocBook/XML as authored source is generally met with 
> > derision, especially given there is AsciiDoc.
> You'd be surprised to hear the tooling at the Pragmatic Programmer 
> is all XML based and quite inflexible. Our negotiations broke down 
> over that, in spite of their really beefy financial offering.

Hence my comment about AsciiDoc. O'Reilly and Pragmatic Programmers 
seemed to have Git and DocBook/XML sorted, but then totally forgot 
about author usability. AsciiDoc fixes that by being a reasonable 
markup language that feeds into the DocBook/XML toolchain. So if I am 
not allowed to use XeLaTeX for authoring, my only option is AsciiDoc. 
If that is not acceptable, I don't write books.

> > I have to admit, doing a Go or D book, is kind of appealing.
> > Technically I am supposed to be doing "Python for Rookies, 2e" but 
> > it isn't happening for reasons I would rather not let the NSA know 
> > about.
> Go? Urgh. As they say: Come for the concurrency, leave for 
> everything else :o).

I think you severely mis-quote John Graham-Cummins there. But I 
suspect by design.

Go is gaining massive traction. I need income. Go is where the income 

And anyway, I like Go. OK So I also like Groovy, Kotlin, Ceylon, and D.

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