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Survey techniques are a science after all. Google provides you the tools but without methodology it's peanuts. I suppose that this survey just allows you to locate yourself among the community, although it was already well known that D is more used in Europe and mostly by adults. I mean that the results cannot be used to change the development guide lines.

Yep. D seems to be quite popular in Europe. I wonder why that is, given that it originated in the USA and people in the States are more open to new technologies. What were the technical and social factors at work here? Maybe D wasn't fancy enough to be taken seriously in the USA and maybe people from outside the USA (not only in Europe) looked at it and said "Hold on, that's something interesting...and we can contribute to it." D certainly struck a chord with many programmers around the globe, but what is it exactly? (Please no jokes about D major or D minor chords now ;)

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