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Isn't that just culture (music) how popular is American Country music in Europe?  I have met one person that liked it.  Trump is hardly an ultra-conservative (not to mention the various groups of conservatism social, fiscal, neo, etc..).  Alot of the whites u mentioned voted for Obama last time around and are just scared of globalism and knew the alternative would push further down that path.  Not all D users look at forums and while I do agree their are far more users visible in Europe that doesn't mean it's not used here as well.

All the details are certainly debatable, and I won't claim to be well-versed enough in sociology, politics, etc to get into such details (nor would I really want to in a D.announce sub-thread - apologies if that sounds like back-peddling), but it's just a certain theme I've noticed that, from this insider at least, in my personal observation the country doesn't seem to be quite as progressive as it may appear to be (or claim to be), or as one might assume it to be (the super bowl nipple thing is another example), and my hypothesis is that could account for the US vs Europe D-uptake discrepency. But, of course one thing that *is* certain is that the US has a lot of both ulta-liberal, ultra-conservative, and everythintg in-between (and probably plenty of extremes on some other axes as well!). So grain of salt in hand, in any case, it's just a thought.

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