I was just working at this a little bit.   The first thing I did was to modify 
time.comp, to make a new sim_time.comp.  The sim_time.comp is basically just 
the same as the regular timer component with an input pin added to scale the 
time to what ever factor you speed up the simulation run.  Then I made a dummy 
config of one of our machines with all the velocities and accelerations 
increased by 1000x, and test ran a few things, the results were not quite as 
good as I had hoped, but were way better than the old estimations. Is it 
possible that some of the inaccuracy came from the fact I was running it in a 

The timer scaling pin was a really simple mod, would there be any interest in 
adding that to the regular release?

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> > I just tried a real time Mesa Ethernet config with maxvel = 120000 IPM (2000
> > IPS = 20 MHz step rate at present 10000 steps/In scaling) and maxaccel 20000
> > IPS/S (52 Gs) with a 1 KHz servo thread, and it works fine (Peak following
> > errors in the 1-2 mill region)
> The problem to be solved is getting an estimate of the time required
> to complete a job.   Does the above do this accurately?

Yeah I want to know this.  I can run a job for real vs "fast sim" and compare.  
One prob is the cycle time only goes down to seconds AFAIK.  If it's 100x then 
that's over a minute and a half it could be wrong, but that's still good enough 
as long as it's not estimating a very short job.

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