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> I have not set homing up on my mill yet, I've been mulling it over. A
> switch is not satisfying unless there is a way to keep from hunting for it,
> can't imagine...
> So it occurred to me to us a laser range finder. Then lcnc would know
> where the table is without having to move on boot. It does not have to be
> accurate like to mm as I probably never have to mill to the limit switches,
> and even then....
> So I started to look around out there, this is amazing for the price:
> <http://www.ebay.com/itm/VL53L0X-Time-of-Flight-Distance-
> Sensor-Breakout-GY-VL53L0XV2-Module-for-Arduino-/201718280643>

THey claim 1mm accuracy in measuring light time of flight. I doubt that: it
would require measuring time with a 3 picosecond accuracy, in other words
requiring ticks of a 300 GHz clock. I am sure they do some sort of phase
measurement, which is by definition sloppy, which is why they apparently
claim 10% accuracy.
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