Dan Bloomquist wrote:

So it occurred to me to us a laser range finder. Then lcnc would know where the table is without having to move on boot. It does not have to be accurate like to mm as I probably never have to mill to the limit switches, and even then....


Hi All,
I know how accurate this thing is. The idea is that I can start up without hunting switches. Then when it is time to work I would touch off if I needed to. I just milled my first real thing and learned a lot about machining. I'm very new at machining, CAD, CAM, CNC. This is what I made...


What I ran into was, "..movement will exceed" errors if I did not make sure I started up with the machine in the right place. If I started up, moved to the right places and g92 my work, the software limits could get hit even if the mill was fine.

The sensors could get me inside the soft limits close enough that I still would not hit the hard limit switches. That is my goal.

Best, Dan.

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