On 08/09/2017 12:53 PM, Dan Bloomquist wrote:
Ok, so maybe I'm over thinking this. So I should just mount switches in the centers, make sure I'm jogged close to a known side on start up, and just home on them.
Yup, that's how it is set up on my Bridgeport. The X trip bar is in the center, and the Z is near full up. The Y is at one end, but the Y travel is pretty short, anyway.

So now I'll have to work out switches that are repeatable to 5 microns. I'd think focused optical if you could keep it clean would be the way to go, I don't know.

Do you have encoders on this machine, or is it step-driven? No sense in making the home switches any more accurate than an encoder count or distance of a step pulse. If your encoders have an index pulse, then you can have it refine the home position to the encoder index pulse after finding the home switch. That is how my machine works.

5 um repeatable switches might be tricky, but 5 um encoder counts are simple.


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