On 08/08/2017 09:42 PM, Dan Bloomquist wrote:
I have not set homing up on my mill yet, I've been mulling it over. A switch is not satisfying unless there is a way to keep from hunting for it, can't imagine...

So it occurred to me to us a laser range finder. Then lcnc would know where the table is without having to move on boot. It does not have to be accurate like to mm as I probably never have to mill to the limit switches, and even then....

So I started to look around out there, this is amazing for the price:

I would not have to drill or bond the hardware, it is so light that a microwave magnet to hold it would be overkill. Has any one done this yet? Or am I missing something fundamental that makes it a bad idea?

Thanks, Dan.

Can you live with 1 mm resolution at 2 meters? And that's plus or minus 10%.


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