Ok, so maybe I'm over thinking this. So I should just mount switches in the centers, make sure I'm jogged close to a known side on start up, and just home on them. I don't want to have to bounce off the limits, my X is almost a half a meter away from the center. (35" between limits). And I keep my vise usually bolted on the left side... The quill, yea, as putting a switch in there would be a challenge and I've set the 'home' at -1" from the limit. And because I'll most often change tools in a collet touching off the Z will happen. I'm slowly buying NBTB 30 tool holders, I have an Erickson quick change.

So now I'll have to work out switches that are repeatable to 5 microns. I'd think focused optical if you could keep it clean would be the way to go, I don't know.

Thanks, Dan.

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