On Wednesday 10 April 2019 21:36:09 Jon Elson wrote:

> On 04/10/2019 10:05 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > And if I copy the ini to one with no A references in it, do I also
> > have separate .hal files, or does hal ignore the A references?  Or
> > do you have 3 hal files? A basic, and a load vertical and a load
> > horizontal?
> Yes, you would have an .ini and at least one .hal file for
> each setup.  The .ini file would call at least one different
> .hal file to correspond with the different setup.  You could
> create two toolbar launchers that start LinuxCNC with
> different .ini files for the two setups.  Or, just choose
> the desired one from the config selector menu.
> Jon

That sounds like the least after config trouble, so once I get the A back 
running, I put a motor with about 3x the holding power on it this 
afternoon, and am how looking for a gs16-5 male inline to hook its home 
switch up in removeable config, using the extra contacts for a hey I'm 
here (or not) tally.  They seem to be similar to hens teeth in 
availability, and I may be forced to make a back shell for the panel 
mount version. I have a dozen or so of that.

But I'm busy in the morning, our local daytimer finally bought a new 
transmitter to replace his 60 yo gates 1kw, got a license to goto 2500 
watts. He  bought a BE, but he asked me about a hot ferrite on the 
output transmission line today n the grocery store parking lot.  I've 
known he had an swr problem, loading out of tuning range that was 
perfect when it was installed. When he mentioned it was way too hot to 
touch, all the red flags in my mind went to the top of the pole.  
Ferrites have a very low curie temperature, some below 100C.  If excited 
when at or above the curie point, they are permanently ruined, often 
turning into so much air forever.  So I need to take my IR thermometer 
up and measure it, then call BE and ask them whats the curie point of 
the junk they used. I'd almost bet its running hotter than that, and 
that its an indicator they need to retune the antenna matcher.  In 
addition to replaceing that one with a good one.  Its target practice 
for my 6.5 Creedmoor, sure as hell.

And I don't have the rf bridge to do that. I may wind up buying one yet, 
but bring around $1500 for a modern, even draws smith charts version of 
that puppy. If I do, I'll have to drum up some business to pay for it. 

Redpitaya has such a kit, 900 euro's. 799 for the ultimate kit + 100 more 
for the network vector analyzer. Dunno what the exchange rate or the VAT 
brings it up to. Or how long to get it across the pond.

The life of a trying to retire broadcast engineer. My 1st phone is older 
than the guys designing this stuff today. It dates from 1962!

Cheers Jon, Gene Heskett
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