Carbon is soluble in iron, which is why you can't
use diamond to machine steel.  When the steel
heats up, it just starts absorbing carbon from the
diamond particles.  Your high carbon steel becomes
higher carbon steel and your diamond goes away.

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On Wednesday 10 April 2019 11:21:11 Jon Elson wrote:

> On 04/09/2019 08:31 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > Greetings all;
> >
> > out of the logic that determines whether the machine will run gcode
> > when that A axis has not been homed because its unplugged, off the
> > machine and stored and either is unhomed, or was never homed since
> > this power up.
> >
> > How is this best done? Preferably done so that a powerdown to switch
> > its homing on or off, won't disturb LCNC's ability to run gcode just
> > because the A isn't homed??
> Well, there usually is not a huge reason to have home
> switches on a rotary axis, unless you have setups that will
> be reused on following days.

Or need a reference for setting angles while shaping HSS tools in it.  If
I can find a CBN cup small enough. I've already tore up $200 worth of
diamond stuff trying to use diamond on HSS. No matter how slow you turn
the diamond, it will fail, usually before the desired shape has been

> So, you can set the A to home
> wherever it is (search and latch velocity of zero).  Ground
> encoder inputs with a shorting plug, so noise doesn't cause
> LinuxCNC to think the axis is moving without command.  Then,
> you can even unplug the axis while LinuxCNC is running, and
> plug in the shorting plug.

No, not with stepper drivers. You do any connection foolery with power
off.  With the relay I put in yesterday, disabling machine motion does
> Another scheme is to have two LinuxCNC config file sets, one
> with the A axis and one without.

I'm leaning somewhat in that direction. I see by the Docs that the
halfile spec says files.  Plural.  So that and the #INCLUDE may show a
way fwd. Time will tell. Might be 2 .ini's and 4 or more .halfiles
before thats all done. And becoming hell to maintain. :( The addf's
should probably be two separate but complete lists just to maintain a
working addf ordering. Twopass should help with that if I put the A addf
stuff as an #INCLUDE right in the correct location in the 2nd halfile's
addf list.

I can see my coffee consumption, already too high, going up before thats
finished. :(

Thanks Jon.
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