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Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) <ras...@rasterman.com> wrote:
> aaaah. now THAT is possible. a window - no. icons on desktop? yes.
> but you did say it happened once ever... 

I said the battery icon on desktop I could not click on happened once.
The stuck drag animation for EFM/Desktop has happened many times.

> not like it's an endemic  problem. i've never seen it though and
> don't know how to reproduce it. i have tried...

I cannot reproduce either. The battery one I haven't tried, as it only
happened once, and I cannot replicate. The stuck drag/drop animation, I
did try to replicate and could not. That will have to happen as it has
naturally on accident. If its not a bug already fixed in EFL. That is
possible as well. It has been a bit since I have seen that issue. Maybe
pre 1.20.6, not sure.

> but the above implies it happens more than once,m but further up you
> said just once ever (which indicates this as rare and hard to make
> happen)?

Different issues, battery gadget on my shelf also showing on Desktop in
random location happened once.

The stuck drag/drop animation from EFM/Desktop has happened numerous
times. I just cannot replicate, nor recall when I last saw it, Seems
like its been a bit, couple months. But I have experienced that many
times in the past. Thus I can recall it and see the imagery in my head.

> > I surely will, but this I am not sure I can replicate via steps. It
> > tends to happen on accident. Miss click something in a window, ends
> > up on desktop, maybe some sort of drag operation that launches a
> > new EFM window. Honestly no clue, I spent like 30 minutes the other
> > day trying to replicate my insanity that causes such during work
> > flow.  
> sounds hard to make happen... :/

For sure. I never did it on purpose, it always happened on accident,
miss click, etc.
> nah. the object is just not being deleted. somehow. why is it being
> skipped? that's the question.

I guess my insanity in miss clicking must cause some callback to not
fire or something. Or something had an error. If/when it happens again
I will make sure to check any logs, session, e-crashdump, etc.

> > Its all guessing till I can at least provide a screenshot to show,
> > and ideally steps to replicate. I would not hold your breath. Its
> > been a bit since I last seen it, and maybe fixed with newer EFL...  
> steps to make it happen would be perfect. :) it may be that it's been
> fixed and its just some transitory bug in efl or e and not really a
> core issue. i don't know. if it was happening regularly then i'd be
> able to hunt it down. it would be annoying. :)
Yeah I will just have to keep an eye out for it in general. If it
happens again, will do my best to replicate. If I never see it again,
could be some bug fixed :) Even better!

William L. Thomson Jr.

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