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> > as i explained. that actually cannot be the case. the animation is
> > rendered in that window. its in-canvas as part of the efm window and
> > view... and thus if efm window goes - all objects in it go etc. ...
> > so my guess sis you mis-remember things.
> I will provide a screenshot at some point for proof. I have seen odd
> stuff at times. The other day the battery icon was on my desktop as
> well. It was also on the shelf, but somehow it was on desktop. I could
> not click on it or anything. After log out and back in, it went away.

that theoretically could happen as objects in shelf are also in the main
compositor canvas. but also... you can put gadgets on the desktop too.

> The arrow animation stuck on the desktop, I know for a fact I have seen
> more than once. I am for sure remembering that very clearly. It maybe
> impossible, but it has happened for me. I have a great memory for such
> things, photographic... I can see it still.... Rather than debate, I
> will just take a screenshot next time. That cannot be debated.

if it was dnd into a window - a dir in there. it isn't possible but if it was a
dir on your desktop, then it would be possible. you did say you never had dirs
on your desktop, right? so taking that out of the picture... it really can't
happen. :/

> > > I do not believe you can restart EFM like you can E. I will try to
> > > restart that process or something next time to see if that fixes.
> > > Restarting E of course does fix, either via menu or log out/in.  
> > 
> > restarting e restarts efm. its the same thing. you can close and open
> > efm windows. you can also unload the fileman module and load it.
> > again. the module just provides the emf window wrapper and desktop
> > icons. the efm core that handles listing dirs, the icons, their dnd
> > and animation etc. is in e itself. it is the same thing used for the
> > file selector in e. that's efm. actually 2 efm views (one for
> > shortcuts/places, one for the directory content)
> Next I have problems I will experiment. I just know EFM has been a
> problem for me more than once. 

if you find issues. bring them up - let me know. show me how to reproduce them.

i have to narrow down what and why and at least for the above unless it was
icons on the desktop i can't so how it's even possible, so i'm guessing it was
something else.

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