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Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) <ras...@rasterman.com> wrote:
> as i explained. that actually cannot be the case. the animation is
> rendered in that window. its in-canvas as part of the efm window and
> view... and thus if efm window goes - all objects in it go etc. ...
> so my guess sis you mis-remember things.

I will provide a screenshot at some point for proof. I have seen odd
stuff at times. The other day the battery icon was on my desktop as
well. It was also on the shelf, but somehow it was on desktop. I could
not click on it or anything. After log out and back in, it went away.

The arrow animation stuck on the desktop, I know for a fact I have seen
more than once. I am for sure remembering that very clearly. It maybe
impossible, but it has happened for me. I have a great memory for such
things, photographic... I can see it still.... Rather than debate, I
will just take a screenshot next time. That cannot be debated.
> > I do not believe you can restart EFM like you can E. I will try to
> > restart that process or something next time to see if that fixes.
> > Restarting E of course does fix, either via menu or log out/in.  
> restarting e restarts efm. its the same thing. you can close and open
> efm windows. you can also unload the fileman module and load it.
> again. the module just provides the emf window wrapper and desktop
> icons. the efm core that handles listing dirs, the icons, their dnd
> and animation etc. is in e itself. it is the same thing used for the
> file selector in e. that's efm. actually 2 efm views (one for
> shortcuts/places, one for the directory content)

Next I have problems I will experiment. I just know EFM has been a
problem for me more than once. 

William L. Thomson Jr.

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