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> Hi Michael,
> I don't think anyone here is mad at you - I am certainly not.


....  Same here, what Cor said.

People come at this from different perspectives.  Here's mine.  Every
living thing is self-centered.  That's how life continues to survive.  We
humans are craftier than most.  We can protect our own interests using
deception like other species, but we can do it on a much grander scale.
 When you combine that ability with our creative minds and opposable
thumbs, the damage we can do is truly staggering.

I don't think I'm alone in noticing the deception is getting worse.  In
politics, religion, advertising, the lies are getting bigger and bolder.
 In today's information-dense society the lies spread faster and people are
far less likely to question them.  People think there isn't enough time, so
they don't even bother to run a new bit of "information" past a quick sniff
test - which would expose many of the lies.  Many people prefer belief over
fact (assuming it supports their view of the world), so they are
all-too-willing to selectively skip the sniff test.

A wise man once advised to be careful what you let into your head - it can
be very difficult to get it out.  In today's world, we need to add that if
it gets into your head and it's wrong you'll probably spread it before you
find out, which makes it much easier for the liars to win.

So when I see a lie, especially a big whopper like the one you brought up,
I tend to smack it down hard.  I agree that even a lie can bring useful
perspective, maybe even insight, but it is still a lie and needs to be
clearly called out as such.  No exceptions.

We also need to be very careful about sanctifying what we think we know.  A
recent discussion showed a near-universal opposition to FCEVs.  I share
that view, but I would hope that all of us would turn on a dime and support
FCEVs if they ever become economically/environmentally viable.  Few of us
can see that ever happening, but we need to remember that closed-mindedness
can be just as damaging as lying.

The FCEV discussion is a good example of how we poor stupid humans are
still acting like animals.  The law of the jungle says you compete - which
we are now doing with the believers, skeptics and various players
protecting their own interests by trading barbs (and lies) and vying for
development grants.  If we were a more advanced species we would focus on
the most efficient use of energy and the maximum benefit for all humankind
- now and for future generations.  That kind of evaluation might stop FCEV
development dead in its tracks.  Or it might focus on the real roadblocks,
leading us in new directions toward real breakthroughs.

So that's a long-winded backstory to explain the harshness of my response.
 I didn't mean to offend, but I think it's really important to expose the
lies we see every day.  It's one of the best tools we have to advance our


Ego is what separates us from the higher species.
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