This appears to fit the 700A and 800A fuses, but we are getting there!
Good find.

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And I just found this as a fuse block for those:
$14 is pretty cheap

On Mon Sep 08 13:38:38 PDT 2014 said:
>On Mon Sep 08 10:47:30 PDT 2014 said:
>>That can work. Just be aware that a fuse can burst when it opens at
>>current (like a dead short). It throws bits of itself and molten metal
>>in all directions. This can melt or set fire to things around it.
>>why fuseholders are usually pretty robust, and get mounted in boxes or
>>packages to contain the debris.
>Depends on the fuse I think.
>My Ferraz Shawmut A30QS500-4 blew when my Zilla died a month or two
>You can't tell by looking at the fuse.
>(thick metal ends, 1/8" or so thick ceramic case.)
>Bobcats and Cougars, oh my!


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