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Does this fuse have a flat blade at each end with a hole in it for a 
bolt? I usually mount this kind of fuse on these:


They are basically a plastic block with a stud embedded in it. The block

can be attached to a chassis, and the stud is insulated so the fuse (and

wires to it) can be mounted on it. There are versions that also feedthru

version so the fuse can be on one side, and the wires on the other side 
of a panel.

For high voltages, I put these studs and the fuse inside a bakelite 
instrument case. These are strong, and won't melt or burn if the fuse 
has to clear a dead short.

Cor van de Water via EV wrote:
 > I did not use a mounting block,
 > I attached the fuse directly to the post clamp on my first battery
 > and attached the cable lug to the other side of the fuse instead of
 > to the battery post clamp.

That can work. Just be aware that a fuse can burst when it opens at high

current (like a dead short). It throws bits of itself and molten metal 
in all directions. This can melt or set fire to things around it. That's

why fuseholders are usually pretty robust, and get mounted in boxes or 
packages to contain the debris.

If it's right on top of a flooded lead-acid battery, it can ignite any 
hydrogen in the area.

If there is nothing except the fuse itself holding the wires on each 
end, these wires will go *free* if the fuse violently blows. Now you've 
got a high voltage cable flopping around, to cause further mischief!

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