-charged for a LEAF oil change-

I remember that there were about three instances of EVs being charged by
dealerships for an oil change they did not and could not have received. But
I only found one instance in the evdl nabble archives. All drivers (EV, pih
or ice should check the dealership's bill before paying it):

EVLN: Always.Read.The.Bill.First>Bogus Leaf-EV Oil&Air-Filter-charge
... one Nissan LEAF owner in the UK got the shock of his life recently when
he took his car in for...
Feb 05, 2015

?Why do we need dealerships again?

-I think Bruce was quoting someone else-

Willie is right, I was repeating other people's vernacular/words. That type
of inaccuracy could be thought of inappropriate to a precise mind-set (but
some people do not think or live their lives that precisely). Inaccurate or
inappropriate words can raise some people's ire (or just drive them nuts). 
*I thank Bill Dube', for explaining how a pack can be stiff (which means I
probably heard that word from the racing folk).

For those that might make the mistake of thinking I only know PbSO4, for the
record, I drove NiMH in the GM EV1-gen2, Toyota RAV4-EV-gen1 and in the
Honda EV-plus. I also drove li-ion in the Nissan Altra EV

I would sign my life away (to be responsible for any damages of the
production EV) so I could have it for a period of time. I would drive them
normally, and also after a full charge drive them hard to see how much
energy I could use up. 

The design and their firmware/software of those vehicles were way behind
today's production vehicles. I only perceived a slight loss of performance
at the end of their charge (when the pack was at or below 10%SOC). And
possibly that perception was my subconscious concern of running out of juice
(draining the pack dead).

When I had the 130mi li-ion range Altra, I got it 50%SOC from a local
utility PG&E at the SF Cow Palace, the day before the big ride and drive
EVent. I plugged it in using the L1 EVSE that came with it. The next morning
it was fully charged. All day long I was giving rides driving it hard up the
Cow Palace's parking lot ramps to show off the power of the EV (those were
the days that everyone still thought EVs were golf carts). I did notice a
slight loss of performance at the end of the day with less than 20%SOC left
on the Altra's li-ion pack.

Recently, I test drove today's 60kWh li-ion Bolt EV

The dealership was not charging it up properly, especially since they were
constantly giving test drives in it (the GM dealership was ignorantly
treating it like an ice - running it until it is dry attitude). So, for my
test drive, the Bolt EV's pack was not fully charged. Even so, when I drove
the Bolt hard, demanding acceleration, it did well with no lack of
performance. After ending the test drive and pulling in front of the
dealership for the next anxious driver to try out, I saw the Bolt EV's pack
was at less than 40%SOC according to their guessometer. Keep in mind I only
had a very short while to drive the Bolt EV. I had no experience of what the
BOLT EV drove like after a long slow overnight l2 charge.

I would like to say, that if that Bolt EV were mine, I would have put it on
a long slow L2 charge overnight to give it the TLC I think it richly

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