Dan Baker wrote:

> Would anyone care to comment on this?  Agree or disagree?  Is it oil
> funded
> FUD? I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, one of the have-not provinces for EV
> rebates.  I can affirm that without rebates EV car sales here are pretty
> well nonexistent, most dealers here carry very little EV stock and the
> charging infrastructure is well behind provinces that do offer rebates.  I
> see other  media outlets and even local environmental groups regularly
> quoting this article too.  Sounds like my province will never get an
> incentive with this type of media :-(

The article questions the effectiveness of EV subsidies as a means of reducing 
carbon emissions, which I can't really comment on (other than to say that I'm 
not sure that carbon trading (the approach favoured by the authors) does 
*anything* to ~reduce~ carbon emissions: all it offers is a mechanism by which 
a country may emit more CO2 than it would otherwise be allowed by purchasing 
'credits' to emit CO2 from a country that is emitting less than it is allowed).

However, it does appear to me that EV subsidies are a ~very~ effective way to 
increase EV adoption.  I'm in Vancouver, and while the BC subsidies are not as 
generous as those in ON and PQ, EVs (mostly Leafs and Tesla, though iMiev, 
Smart ED, Bolt, Kia Soul EV, and even the odd Focus EV can be seen) are quite a 
common sight here.  The incentives also encourage purchase of PHEVs, so Chevy 
Volts are also not an uncommon sight.



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