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Oh, simple. If I want to take a 300 mile trip, and my EV can go 200+ miles on a charge, I will need to stop for an hour to charge. You and I might be willing to do that, but most people will not. And some people drive 600 or miles in a day. They absolutely will not tolerate 3 hours of down time.

Teslas charge at up to 400 mph. For the lower half of the capacity, the rate is typically more than 200 mph. With the normal SuperCharger spacing of about 100 miles, charge times are rarely as much as 1/2 hour. Tesla drivers pretty quickly learn to minimize charging time by using only the middle portion of the battery capacity, something like arriving with 20 miles of remaining range and charging to 150-180 miles of range. Granted, sometimes an hour of charging is necessary but that happens infrequently. For a 300 mile trip, with some charging opportunity at the destination, only about 15 minutes of charging would be needed somewhere in the last half of the trip.

Further, you might not find a level 3 charger at the right point, so you may need to charge when you still have 50-100 miles range left, meaning even more down time.

With a Tesla, you know how many working and available stalls are at your next stop.
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