You can look up "How to install a mini split" on YouTube. The units typically come with poorly translated,  but still very useful, DIY installation instructions.

It is best if you have a gauge set and a vacuum pump, but if you are careful and detail oriented, you can use the "purge and bleed method." Just ordinary tools are required for this method. I have heard it works pretty well, actually. The leak detection is a bit more tricky, however, as you have to do a partial fill, check with soapy water for leaks, and then finish the purge and completely fill.

I have a gauge set and a vacuum pump. You can rent a vacuum pump in some tool rental stores. Gauge sets are ~ $30 or so on Ebay. Pull a vacuum for ~30 minutes then leak check by valving off and checking the vacuum on the gauge set after awhile for leak down. If no leaks, then you fill from the outside unit. This is the standard "with proper tools" method.

Cleanliness and careful workmanship are important to avoid leaks in the tubing. You have to know how to flare copper tubing properly, tighten flare fittings properly, and bend thinwall copper tubing without kinking it. You will need an assistant to help hang the inside unit. "Seasoned mechanic" is what I would rate the needed skill level at.

The outside unit comes pre-charged with enough R410A to fill the inside unit(s) and connective plumbing. If you leak checked well, then there is no need for additional refrigerant.

Ebay link for 18000 BTU 21 to 23 SEER unit for *$999*, free shipping:

You can easily heat/cool  a 24' x 24' insulated garage with this size unit. (1.5 ton unit = 18000 BTU)

Bill D.

On 11/28/2017 9:07 PM, John Lussmyer via EV wrote:
On Tue Nov 28 20:03:14 PST 2017 said:
I replaced a resistive space heater (about $120) in my two car
garage/shop with a heat pump ($1300, Ebay) and it uses *one fifth* the
energy. (SEER 21, 18000 BTU, heating and A/C) Paid for itself in a less
than two years of operation. (Higher SEER rated heat pumps cost
considerably more that lower SEER rated units. They cut fewer corners so
you must pay for that.)
SEER Wikipedia link:
I've been tempted by those for my shop office - but you do have to hire a 
refrigeration guy to do the coolant.


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