David, you are correct; however, I did the math using the information provided. 
 The problem is that people use the terms energy and power interchangeably. 
Power is the rate which work is done and measured in watts.  Energy is the 
capacity to do work measured in watt-hrs.  I was being sarcastic.  Sorry.

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On Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 9:05 PM, ROBERT via EV <ev@lists.evdl.org> wrote:
> I do not know who does your math.  The email states "Leaf gets 4.5 miles per 
> kw at 55mph more or less depending on wind."  Therefore, 1000 W / 4.5 miles = 
> 222 W per mile.   This appears to be a little low to me.  However, if it is 
> accurate, you would need 222 W to go one mile.

This is an example of why the units need to be correct. It should
state that the Leaf gets 4.5 miles per kWh, that is a kilowatt-hour
not a kilowatt. This changes your numbers to 1000 Wh / 4.5mi = 222
Wh/mi. Thus you need 222Wh to go a mile. If you only had 222W from a
solar panel then you need to have one hour of charging to go that

David D Nelson
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