A 10 by 62 foot array would be 12,000 watts at 22.5% efficiency.  Smaller as 
the efficiency goes up.  Cost would be based on cell cost.  3,500 cells at lets 
say 2 to 4 dollars each.7 thousand to 14 thousand for the cells. You could cut 
down length a bit if some were supported by the vehicle.  Then you get into 
aerodynamic issues.  Speed would be cut.  So many variables.  It's doable but 
the finished product has to be smaller and less ranging.  It would have to be 
super light.  Like 1000 pounds or less.  A better option is to use an Ultravan 
and put 3kw on the roof.  Less range but cleaner.  Probably be able run 20 
miles an hour infinitely. A purpose built vehicle would be best.  Lawrence 
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