> Solar alone doesn't fully mitigate the emissions of EVs
> unless you charge the EV when the sun is shining.

A common misunderstanding of net metering.  It doesn't matter when the
solar owner charges, as long as he has produced enough solar banked into
the grid to meet that load later on.  The solar panels over produce say 16
kWh during the day which probably goes as far as a few neighbor houses and
replacing their dirty grid power.  So the solar owner has reduced 16kWh of

When she charges at night, she draws 16 kWh of carbon electricity from the
grid for a NET of zero carbon for her car.  Thus, she has fully charged on
100% clean sun power, since her arrays produced 16kWh of clean power and
she used 16kWh for her EV.

>  If everybody gets an EV, and everybody charges it at night,
> that's a lot of nighttime emissions.

Not if those same people put up say 12 solar panels and produced into the
grid during the day what they need at night.

> If you charge at night, and [cant put up solar panels],
> consider signing up for green power...

Amen to that.

Just 12 solar panels can provide free 40 miles daily EV travel forever on
sunshine and that is the national average mileage.  Talk about energy

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