David Nyman wrote:
> Brent Meeker wrote:
> > But it's still a model, one based on arithmetic rather than matter, and the 
> > only way to       > judge whether it is a good model to see how it 
> > corresponds with "mere appearance"; just > like we test QM, general 
> > relativity, and every other theory.  It *might* be the really real     > 
> > model - but so might any other model that fits all the data.
> Yes, of course, Brent - hence my comments later on in my post. But in
> fact, comp implies that the normal physics model can't 'fit all the
> data', if we include (as we must) the 1-person pov itself in 'the
> data'.

Computationalism doesn't imply that. a conflict between
computationalism and physicalism would be be astonshing
and highly significant. A conflict between physicalsim and Platonism
is much less so.

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