> But c breaks down into:
> c1)  I experience something coherent that obeys the laws of
> physics
> and
> c2) I experience wild and crazy "harry Potter" stuff.
> The memory-traces corresponding to c2 are a possible
> configuration of matter, and so must exist in Platonia. But
> I only experience c1.

That means nothing... if you had experienced c2 you would never write this... 
and in physical MW, HP/WR are not ruled out but of very low measure which 
means there is 100% chance that some instance (a tiny tiny number but at 
least one) of you will experience it. Be it a mathematical MW or physical MW. 
Now if you say HP/WR are not possible in classical everett MWI, please 
explain how... Now if you don't agree with MW theories then it seems you are 
stuck explaining why the real is only composed of that and not this...

Quentin Anciaux

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