Brent Meeker writes:

> Bruno Marchal wrote:
> ...
> > Now, when you run the UD, as far as you keep the discourse in the third 
> > person mode, everything remains enumerable, even in the limit.
> > But from the first person point of view, a priori the uncountable 
> > stories, indeed generated by the UD, take precedence on the computable 
> > one: thus the continua of white rabbits. This results from the lack of 
> > any possibility from the first person point of view to locate herself 
> > into UD*. Somehow the first person belongs to 2^aleph_zero histories at 
> > the start.
> > 
> > A similar "explosion of stories" appears with quantum mechanics, except 
> > that here the physicist as an easy answer: white rabbits and Potter 
> > universe are eliminated through phase randomization (apparently).
> But only relative some particular bases.  Why the quantum mechanical world 
> has the classical world as an approximation (instead of a white rabbit world) 
> is not a solved problem - though there are proposed, possible solutions.

Doesn't the SWE make some events much more likely than others, whether that 
involves CI collapse or distribution of histories in the MWI?

Stathis Papaioannou
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