Le 25-janv.-07, à 16:48, John Mikes a écrit :

> Bruno,
>  as another chap with learned English "in vertical stance" I 
> "partially" agree with your 'plural' as would all English 
> mother-tongued people, but I also consider the gramatically probably 
> inproper "points of views", since WE allow different 'views' in our 
> considerations. Stathis may choose his preference<G>.
>   "Points of view" assumes THE one view we allow.  "MATTER OF FACTlLY" 
> (plural: 'matters-of factly'? - if it really HAS a plural.  Is there 
> an English "singulare tantum"? ) I still speculate what "point of 
> views" may refer to, however I would volunteer a "point-of-views"  in 
> the conventional sense.
>  Alas, no 'utmost' authority OVER the hundreds of live English 
> versions.

OK thanks. I think I will follow mostly Stathis' suggestion, but you 
just put the finger on why I have a problem. Sometimes I want to talk 
on many first (say) person pointS of view. But sometimes I want to 
speak about all person (first, third, singular, plural) pointS of 
ViewS. So indeed there is a little nuance depending on the number of 
points and views :-)

(Note all this is a bit useless because there are few correlation 
between what I think and write especially when in hurry)

Another solution which I have apparently already used consists in 
saying "hypostase" in the place of person point of view ...



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