Le 01-juin-07, à 14:35, Torgny Tholerus a écrit :

>  I am unconscious.
> I have no mind.  I have no feelings.  I have no perceptions.  I am not 
> thinking.  I am just a machine that claims that I am conscious.  The 
> only thing that happens is a lot of chemical reactions in my brain. 
>  (Or rather, there are a lot of mathematical relations...)
> I just behave AS IF I am conscious.  If you interview me, I will 
> answer that I am conscious.  I will strongly claim that I am thinking, 
> and that is the only thing I am really sure of.
> But that is a lie. 

If you are unconscious, you should have said that  it is WRONG, not 
that it is a lie. That would contradict your "unconsciousness". By 
saying "lie" you did betray your consciousness, imo.
Also, by saying "I am not conscious", are you sure that you behave like 
if you were conscious?

> The only thing that exists is a lot of protons, neutrons, and 
> electrons reacting with each other inside my brain.

Are you *sure*?
By the way, are you more sure about proton than about your belief in 
proton? What would that mean?

> I behave AS IF I am conscious because the natural selection has 
> favored that type of behavior.

OK, but this rise the question: why?

Another question: if consciousness does not exist, what do you  mean by 
"behaving AS IF I am conscious"?

(but thanks you for actually saying this only about yourself and not us 

One more question: supposing you are correct, is it ethically wrong to 
torture you? Is it ethically wrong to torture an entity without 
consciousness (supposing we could be sure of that) even if it acts like 
it was conscious?



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