Bruno Marchal skrev:
> One more question: supposing you are correct, is it ethically wrong to 
> torture you? Is it ethically wrong to torture an entity without 
> consciousness (supposing we could be sure of that) even if it acts 
> like it was conscious?
This is an interesting question.  And the answer is:

When I am tortured, my pain center in my brain will be stimulated.  This 
will cause me to try to avoid this situation (being tortured).  One 
(good) way to archive this is to start talking about "ethics".  If I can 
make other human beings to "believe" that it is ethically wrong to 
torture objects, that behave as if they were conscious, then the 
probability that somebody will torture me decreases.

This is all ethics is about: Trying to avoid stimulating the pain center 
in our brains.

Torgny Tholerus

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