Hello again,

I mean your point could be made about the universe like this:

Something which exists is contained/located somewhere.
The universe is not contained nor located anywhere, therefore the universe 
does not exist.

This is a logical inconsistency and prove nothing, except that the logical 
reasoning above is wrong.


On Tuesday 19 June 2007 11:37:09 Torgny Tholerus wrote:
>  Mohsen Ravanbakhsh skrev:
> >The "subjective experience" is just some sort of behaviour.  You can make
> > computers show the same sort of >behavior, if the computers are enough
> > complicated.
>  But we're not talking about 3rd person point of view. I can not see how
> you reduce the subjective experience of first person to the behavior  that
> a third person view can evaluate! All the problem is this first person
> experience.
>  What you call "the subjective experience of first person" is just some
> sort of behaviour.  When you claim that you have "the subjective experience
> of first person", I can see that you are just showing a special kind of
> behaviour.  You behave as if you have "the subjective experience of first
> person".  And it is possible for an enough complicated computer to show up
> the exact same behaviour.  But in the case of the computer, you can see
> that there is no "subjective experience", there are just a lot of
> electrical fenomena interacting with each other.
>  There is no first person experience problem, because there is no first
> person experience.
>  --
>  Torgny Tholerus

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