On Tuesday 19 June 2007 20:21:10 Torgny Tholerus wrote:
> Our language is very primitive.  You can not decribe the reality with it.
> If you have a computer robot with a camera and an arm, how should that
> robot express itself to descibe what it observes?  Could the robot say: "I
> see a red brick and a blue brick, och when I take the blue brick and
> places it on the red brick, then I see that the blue brick is over the red
> brick."?

It depends on the pov of the robots... but if after all turing test like I 
could do against him, I'm not able to differentiate it with a human being... 
I have to conclude it has consciousness, because to tell otherwise I would 
need a proof that he's not conscious, and the only possible proof is that 
I'll be able to differentiate it through 3rd persons tests, or we've just 
said that it succeed every tests.

it is not the usage of the word 'I', it's all the concept related to it and 
the understanding at a personal level of the word from the teller that 


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