On Thursday 28 June 2007 21:59:40 Brent Meeker wrote:
> Quentin Anciaux wrote:
> > On Thursday 28 June 2007 16:52:12 Torgny Tholerus wrote:
> >> Bruno Marchal skrev:
> >>> But nobody really doubts about his own consciousness
> >>> (especially going to the dentist), despite we cannot define it nor
> >>> explain it completely.
> >>
> >> That sentence is wrong.
> >
> > Don't think so...
> >
> >> There is at least one person (me...) that
> >> really doubts about my own consciousness.  I am conscious about that I
> >> am not conscious.  I know that I does not know anything.  When I go to
> >> the dentist I behave as if I am feeling strong pain, because my pain
> >> center is directly stimulated by the dentist, which is causing my
> >> behaviour.
> >
> > What is behaving ? (can't ask for who obviously you're insisting that
> > there isn't any).
> >
> >> Consciouslike behaviour is good for a species to survive.  Therefore
> >> human beings show that type of behaviour.
> >
> > I don't know what is consciouslike behaviour without consciousness in the
> > first place.
> >
> > Quenton
> But if consciousness is implied by conscious like behavior then it may
> be explained by the same things that explain behavior, i.e. physics and
> chemistry.
> Brent Meeker

Well, I don't see how that denies consciousness... In the other hand, 
currently, physics and chemistry don't explain everything... and maybe Bruno 
hypothesis is what underlink all this... still that does not deny 
consciousness phenomena. And still I *can't* accept any (so called) proof 
that consciousness does not exists given *I* at least am conscious for sure.


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