QA: ' By the way, I'm sure dogs are conscious (have inner
> personal world).'

MP: And I am sure I agree with you and that I have a pretty good 
idea what you mean when you say that.
And you will understand me when I say that from a 3P view the 
'inner world' of the dog is not at all experienced as inner; the 
dog's experience is all about the world around it, except if it 
has a tummy ache or some such, in which case it finds itself 
eating stringy green cow food.


Mark Peaty  CDES


Quentin Anciaux wrote:
> On Thursday 28 June 2007 19:22:35 Torgny Tholerus wrote:
>>  Quentin Anciaux skrev:
>> On Thursday 28 June 2007 16:52:12 Torgny Tholerus wrote:
>> Consciouslike behaviour is good for a species to survive.  Therefore
>> human beings show that type of behaviour.
>> I don't know what is consciouslike behaviour without consciousness in the
>> first place.
>>  An animal can show a consciouslike behaviour.  When a dog sees a rabbit,
>> then the dog behaves as if he is conscious about that there is food in
>> front of him.  He starts running after the rabbit as quick as he can.
>>  --
>>  Torgny Tholerus
> It doesn't mean anything... what means "as if" if the thing you are comparing 
> it to does not exists (here consciousness). You can't act as if you are 
> conscious if cousciousness is something which does not exists, it simply 
> doesn't mean anything. By the way, I'm sure dogs are conscious (have inner 
> personal world).
> Quentin

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