On 14 Nov 2008, at 11:54, Stathis Papaioannou wrote:

> 2008/11/14 Bruno Marchal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> Perhaps the time has come I explain the MGA on the list? Would you be
>> interested? It seems that both you and Stathis already accept the
>> conclusion. So ...
> Yes, I'd be interested in an explanation of the MGA in English; I read
> French only with difficulty and this unfortunately is probably also
> the case for many other list members. Perhaps if you do this you could
> also post it on your homepage, for easier reference.

Nice to tell me. Sometimes I got the feeling I have no more things to  
explain to you.
And thanks for the suggestion, I will, I certainly should,  do that.
(I am very lazy when it comes to make change on my webpage I must say)




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