>> As the observer you know all this information, and you look at the
>> clock and see that it is 5:00 PM. What can you conclude from this and
>> what should you expect? To me, it seems that you must conclude that
>> you are currently either A1 or A2, and that in one minute you will be
>> B, with 100% certainty. Would you say something else?

I think if the observer knows everything I know, they can't conclude  
anything more or less than I can.
Namely, that at 5:00 there are two computers running simulations, and  
in one minute there will be one computer running a simulation.

I don't see how the observer asking "Which one am I?" is in any sense  
asking for more information. The problem is the word "I" - what does  
it refer to? Both computers MA1 and MA2 simulate an observer asking  
"Which one am I".  We know everything that happens - and "when you've  
explained everything that happens, you've explained  
everything." (Dennett again)

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