When one's mind boggles on hearing a term, like "infinite" that means you have no clear understanding of it and if you use the term you literally don't know what you're talking about. I think the infinity of the integers is clear enough, and the infinity of the reals, and even the infinity of square integrable functions (a Hilbert space). But when someone talks about infinitely many infinite universes coming into being at an infinite number of moments within a finite duration - as is implied by in some relative state interpretations of QM - then I wonder if they know what they're talking about.


On 5/27/2010 12:43 PM, John Mikes wrote:
/*Stathis wrote:*/
/*You may as well claim that an infinite single universe _should not exist_ because it boggles the human mind.*/

/*Stathis Papaioannou*/
We are talking *"think of"* rather than* 'exist'* - unless you consider it as 'existing in someones boggled mind" as an idea (boggled thought, nightmare).
John M

On 5/25/10, *Michael Gough* <innovative.engin...@gmail.com <mailto:innovative.engin...@gmail.com>> wrote:

    The branching is occurring at every moment, so if even one set of
    said parents got it on, there would be "umpteen trillons(TM)" of
    copies of said individual. It has nothing to do really with the
    parents at all. Once you exist, there's umpteen trillions of
    copies that stem from the state of the individual at each moment
    in time.

    On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 5:59 AM, m.a. <marty...@bellsouth.net
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            I may have this all wrong, but it seems to me that for
            there to be umpteen trillion copies of a person there had
            to be umpteen trillion (UT) copies of his parents. And
            only a relatively small sub-group of those met and
            cohabited at the exact moment of his/her conception. But
            the same must have been true for their parents and their
            parents' parents and so forth back to the primoridal
            slime. And this staggering foliation of universes only
            covers one specific zygote of two specific gametes. What
            of all the other UT^UT combinations leading to the
            creation of other individuals just on this family tree?
            And what of all the other combinations and histories of
            every human, animal, insect and bacterium on this planet?
            Does it really make sense to assume numbers of universes
            so far beyond our ability to conceive of?    marty a.

            You may as well claim that an infinite single universe
            should not exist because it boggles the human mind.

            Stathis Papaioannou
            I don't know, Stathis. Somehow it seems easier for me to
            conceive of ONE infinite universe than to conceive of
            umpteen trillion trillion trillion^umpteen trillion
            trillion trillion^umpteen...universes. My "mind" is
            obviously more limited than yours.     m.a.

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