on 02.01.2011 12:07 Brian Tenneson said the following:
Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:


Some time ago, I have read

David Chalmers, The Matrix as Metaphysics

Let me make one citation

"Importantly, nothing about this Metaphysical Hypothesis is
skeptical. The Metaphysical Hypothesis here tells us about the
processes underlying our ordinary reality, but it does not entail
that this reality does not exist. We still have bodies, and there
are still chairs and tables: it’s just that their fundamental
nature is a bit different from what we may have thought. In this
manner, the Metaphysical Hypothesis is analogous to a physical
hypothesis, such as one involving quantum mechanics. Both the
physical hypothesis and the Metaphysical Hypothesis tell us about
the processes underlying chairs. They do not entail that there are
no chairs. Rather, they tell us what chairs are really like."

Along this lines, I would paraphrase that TOE is just Metaphysics.
Do you agree with this, or you mean something else?
I'm not exactly sure how I would define "metaphysics".  In the
hypothesis that mathematical existence is physical existence (which
Tegmark puts into a -testable- theory in the paper I cited), chairs
are mathematical structures which agrees with your quote. But Bruno
is really the expert here.

Thank you for your answers. We could say that the Universe is made of superstrings or we could say that the Universe is made of numbers. Chalmers shows that for a human being this basically makes no difference.



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