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Remember that with comp, we can never know that we are awake. But we
can always know that we are dreaming or sharing a dream. The
experimental evidences (the quantum) are that we are indeed sharing a

However, as Chalmers claims this seems to have no practical differences for a person. Let us say that your theory is true. What are practical consequences then?

The theoretical and conceptual consequences are that physics is a branch of machine's theology. And that we can test mechanism experimentally.

The practical more mundane consequences are that we should come back to scientific theology and allow modesty and critical skepticism to be used on the most fundamental matter. This should encourage an attitude of respect toward any universal machine, and hopefully encourage such an attitude with respect to our fellow human beings. But we are a long way from that, as illustrated by the politics of prohibition. We are living in the most obscurantist period, and this is not astonishing given the 1500 years of authoritative arguments in the field. During Renaissance, the arabs give us only one half of the greek sciences. The other half is still taboo. The human sciences are sick and inhuman. Agnosticism is not well seen, despite it is the mark of the scientific inquiry. Humans are still not in the position to admit that they are ignorant. Fear sellers rule. The practical consequences is a (slow) change in our mentality. In the long run this is needed to develop ourself in the galaxy and beyond.



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