On 04 Feb 2011, at 13:43, Andrew Soltau wrote:

'White Rabbits' is Bruno's shorthand for physically impossible observations. At least, as I understand it.

Not really. Just subjective aberrance. Like seeing a white rabbit with clothes and looking at his clock and saying "too late, too late". It is physically and computationally possible, but occurs empirically only in dreams. That is what remains to be explained if we bet on comp.

My query is that, since we only ever observe the environment to be in accord with physical quantum law, how can a purely arithmetical environment, which necessarily includes all possible computations, give rise to only observations which are self evidently observations of a physical environment, and a quantum environment at that.

Yes, that's my point. That is the question which we have to solve if we take comp seriously into account.
QM solves the problem by phase randomization (Feynman).
Comp should solve the problem by the quantum logics related to self- reference, and their non trivial semantics. And if just one comp white rabbit remains and is located on the dark side of the moon, we have to take a look there. If the white rabbit is there, comp is confirmed, and if it is not there comp is refuted.



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