On 29 May 2011, at 20:22, selva kumar wrote:

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    Hi selva,

    On 16 May 2011, at 16:49, selva wrote:

        If the positions of the atoms in my mind(my thoughts) now
        affect the
        positions of the atoms in your brain(your thoughts) ,then
        does it mean
        you don't have a free will ?

    Why? On the contrary. To have free will you must have some
    ability to make change around you. You certainly need some amount
    of determinacy.

    can i argue that the my ability to make change around me arises
    from the changes around me..

you are now thinking what you are thinking only because i asked you this....that is,with your so called ability i am changing some thing,and that changed things gives you the ability to change things around you..so going backwards..(events are affected only by the past occurences in the cone).wont we come to a single cause?

Not if there is quantum randomness; in which case there will be multiple causes. But if you subscribe to the multiple worlds interpretation then the evolution will be deterministic but what is meant by "you" will be uncertain.


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