On 7/10/2011 6:20 AM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
What in the brain would be not Turing emulable
Let's take the color yellow for example. If you build a brain out of
ideal ping pong balls, or digital molecular emulations, does it
perceive yellow from 580nm oscillations of electromagnetism
automatically, or does it see yellow when it's own emulated units are
vibrating on the functionally proportionate scale to itself? Does the
ping pong ball brain see it's own patterns of collisions as yellow or
does yellow = electromagnetic ~580nm and nothing else. At what point
does the yellow come in? Where did it come from? Were there other
options? Can there ever be new colors? From where? What is the minimum
mechanical arrangement required to experience yellow?

When the aforesaid ping pong ball brain can cause the word "yellow" to be enunciated and/or written on all and only occasions that normal English speakers do. When it anticipates traffic signal lights turning red. When it identifies sour fruit.....


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