On Aug 4, 8:31 pm, Stathis Papaioannou <stath...@gmail.com> wrote:

> >> In fact, even
> >> you might not be conscious.

Here, please try thinking of it this way. Substitute the word
'conscious' for the word 'expensive'.

If I paid a lot of money for something, it is expensive to me. That is
not debatable, it's the definition of expensive. If I see something
that 'looks expensive', there is a fair chance that it would correlate
with being expensive if I tried to buy it. But... If you are talking
about a counterfeit Rolex, it may cost $25, but it is designed
specifically to 'look expensive'. The fact that it might fool some
people doesn't mean that the fake Rolex is expensive or that I paid
$10,000 for it.

The thing to understand is that 'consciousness' is like 'expensive' -
it's a subjective experience of significance that does not directly
manifest mechanically in the physical character. It correlates to the
physical character, but the quality itself is not describable in
physical terms like density, mass, velocity, etc.


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