John Mikes wrote:
> Dear "benjamin" if this is your name (benjayk?)

John Mikes wrote:
> I believe this post is not 'joining' the chorus of the debate. Or is it?
> Benjayk wrote:
> "*Consciousness is simply a given"*
> OK, if you just disclose ANYTHING about it as you formulate that 'given'.
> Your(?) logic seems alright that if it is 'originated' upon numbers then
> the
> * 'consciousness-based' *numbers are a consequence of a consequence (or
> prerequisite to a prerequisite).
>  I am not decrying the 'origin' of consciousness, rather its entire
> concept
> - what it may contain, include, act with, by, for, result in, - or else we
> may not even know about today..
> Then I may stipulate about an origin for it.
Sorry, I can't follow you... You do not accept the concept of consciousness
and then want an origin for it?

John Mikes wrote:
> * ---"EXISTS?"---* as WHAT?
> I volunteered on many discussion lists a defining generalization:*
> response
> to relations, *
> (originally: *to information*, which turned out to be a loose cannon). In
> such general view it is not restricted to animates, in-animates, physical
> objects, ideas, or more, since the 'relations' are quite ubiquitous even
> beyond the limited circle of our knowledge. In such sense:* it exists*,
> indeed.
> Not (according to me) in *THOSE *systems, but everywhere.


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